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I am trying to check if a function exist and do the processing.

I check this by:

    echo "function exists";
    echo "function not exists";

I have the function:

public function create_offerlovit_template_data($update,$shop_id)


The function exists but always prints 'function not exists'. Why is this happening? How do I properly use function_exists.

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You are searching for http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.method-exists.php .

function_exists is for functions only.


method_exists($instance, "create_offerlovit_template_data");
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public function create_offerlovit_template_data($update,$shop_id){}

This looks like a class method and not a "stand alone"? function (bad terminology there I know),

I believe you're looking for this method_exists

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For checking if a particular method exists in some object, try to use method_exists() function:


you could try

 if (method_exists($this,$method)) {
            // if true
        } else {
            // if false
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You're checking the existence of a function, but "public function" - is a method. Use "method_exists()".

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