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I have an application that I am being forced to host on a provider that only runs JRE 6.

I get a compilation error on my Hibernate beans that have properties that have been annotated with @Transient. The compilation error is due to the fact that java.beans.Transient was introduced in Java 7.

Is there a way to mark a Hibernate property as transient without this annotation? Preferably without having to migrate fully to *.hbm.xml and abandon annotations altogether? Would it be possible to somehow add just this annotation interface to the classpath of JRE 6 somehow?

If you would like to point out this is impossible on Java 6 and that I should switch hosting providers then please post this as a comment, answers stating this will be downvoted.

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Try to mark the property as transient, e.g.

private transient int x;
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It seems so obvious! Thank you :) –  maple_shaft Apr 9 '13 at 13:21

Try using

import javax.persistence.Transient;

However, not sure if it will work in hibernate without JPA mode.

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