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I've got a string with spaces. I need to split (explode) it and got all variants of sequences from it. For example:

string1 string2 string3

I need to parse it and get an output like this:

string1 string2 string3
string1 string3 string2
string2 string1 string3
string2 string3 string1
string3 string2 string1
string3 string1 string2

What's the most efficient way to do this?
EDIT: actually i need to parse maximum of 3 strings. So i'm doing this not a pretty way (hardcoded):

$exploded_query = explode(' ', $query);
if(count($exploded_query) == 2) {
//2 variants
if(count($exploded_query) == 3) {
//6 variants

So i'm looking for some pretty way to do it.

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I think you should really be asking whatever question you're trying to answer with this approach. There's no efficient way to do this, because you have already stated that you need every combination (the most efficient implementations of certain algorithms will intelligently pick which combinations they need to actually run - and they will short-circuit when possible). This means that the "most efficient" approach to this will still be n! (n factorial). Just 10 words is already 3 million combinations. –  Colin M Apr 9 '13 at 13:02
Do you have any code to post? –  afuzzyllama Apr 9 '13 at 13:02
Yes, posted the code. –  smsteel Apr 9 '13 at 13:07

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It is a permutation of array

Look here -> Finding All Permutations of an Array, that's help you.

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By no means am I claiming this to be efficient or optimal. There are much better solutions out there. But this is just a direct answer to your question. If you want to remove some bloat (at the cost of likely a little bit of performance), you can replace the getRemainingWords function call with:

$index = 0;
array_values(array_filter($words, function($key, &$index) { return !($key == $index++); }));

Otherwise, here it is

function getPossibleCombinations($words) {
    $combinations = array();
    $count = count($words);

    // Base case: if there's only 1 word, there's only one combination
    if ($count == 1) {
        return array($words);

    // Otherwise, loop over each words
    foreach ($words as $key=>$word) {

        // For each item, get all of the remaining items in the array (all except the current one)
        $otherWords = getRemainingWords($words, $key);

        // And recursively permute them
        $otherCombinations = getPossibleCombinations($otherWords);
        foreach ($otherCombinations as $otherCombination) {
            $combinations[] = array_merge(array($word), $otherCombination);

    return $combinations;

function getRemainingWords($array, $index) {
    $results = array();

    foreach ($array as $key=>$value) {
        if ($key == $index) {

        $results[] = $value;

    return $results;
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