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I am trying to design a MATLAB (and possible C++ next) model that will deliver a prediction-based maintenance schedule for a particular asset of interest. Currently, my input data is maintenance timestamp and what fault has been repaired. Hopefully, the output that I currently have in mind is the timestamps that would suggest when maintenance is needed (i.e. assets needs to be looked after).

I am trying to find some good algorithm for scheduling. Do you guys know or want to suggest anything that could be good?

P.S. I am trying to follow "Machine Learning" by Alpaydin. Does anyone know if it is any good? I am sorry but this is a project that I need to work on and also completely outside my comfort zone as it involves statistical modelling and analysis (I suck at it!). I am not asking for an answer to my problem. I just want suggestions as in where I can find some good information for newbees like me.


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first advice: look at the frequency of events, not at the timestamps. –  moooeeeep Apr 9 '13 at 13:11
@moooeeeep Thank you! What an Idiot I was! So small thing! I believe you are telling me about the frequency of a particular incipient fault rather than frequency of just any fault, right? Even if you say both, it is still way better than just timestamps :) A MILLION THANKS!! –  ha9u63ar Apr 9 '13 at 14:41

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