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I have a case where I have cake1.1 structure at root and one inside a folder. On a specific pattern I have to redirect to the internal cake installation with the query string so that it appears that it is running from the root itself. The pattern is the slug and will contain letters separated by hyphens. like this-is-your-slug.

for that I did in the root's webroot

RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z]*-[a-zA-Z]*)+/?(.*)$ /subfolder/$1  [NC,L] 

//so that the query string gets inside the subfolder



And I had guessed if I get the query string to map in the folder then the routes.php will come into play and work as expected. I cant find a way to pass directory name in controller name of outer routes.php.


htp://domain.com/subfolder/this-is-my-slug/products/2 etc

works fine I wanted to make

htp://domain.com/this-is-my-slug works
htp://domain.com/this-is-my-slug/products/2 etc

internal routes.php

  $Route->connect('/([a-zA-Z]*-[a-zA-Z]*)+',array('controller'=>'controller', 'action'=>'products'));
            $Route->connect('/([a-zA-Z]*-[a-zA-Z]*)+/action/:id', array('controller'=>'controller', 'action'=>'action'),array('pass'=>'id'));
            $Route->connect('/([a-zA-Z]*-[a-zA-Z]*)+/action', array('controller'=>'controller', 'action'=>'action'));
            $Route->connect('/([a-zA-Z]*-[a-zA-Z]*)+/action', array('controller'=>'controller', 'action'=>'action'));

Any help please. Sorry if this is a silly Idea.


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Can you post your routes.php file so we can see what you have? –  Barry Chapman Apr 10 '13 at 15:52
Updated..please check –  techie_28 Apr 11 '13 at 10:57

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