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I have C# code which can generate a list like this, using Cultures (link):

AUD $ 
CAD $ 
EUR € 
GBP £ 
JPY ¥ 
USD $ 

What I want is a list like this too:

Australian Dollar
Canadian Dollar
British Pound
Japanese Yen
United States Dollar

What I actually want is that there should be a drop-down style Winforms Combobox, from which the user selects the currency, such as British Pound, and then through a function or something, GBP or £ gets returned. This will help me parse the currency value the user might type in the adjacent currency value text box.

So can I use Cultures (or something else which does not require an Internet connection) to get a descriptive Currency Names list ?

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In my opinion the easiest way to accomplish this would be to create a wrapper class for the Currency, something like this:

public class Currency
   public string Code { get; set; }  // USD
   public string Name { get; set; }  // United States Dollar
   public string Symbol { get; set; } // $

You can create a collection of these classes and set Name as a member to display in your combobox. After the user selects some value, you can easily use Linq for instance to get the correspondent class.

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