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Is there a way to do a loop in Thymeleaf without a list?

I'd like to essentially convert this snippet to Thymeleaf:

<jsp:useBean id="now" class="java.util.Date" />
<fmt:formatDate var="year" value="${now}" pattern="yyyy" />
<c:forEach var="i" begin="0" end="99">
    <form:option value="${year-i}" />

-- Update --

I've decided this is along the lines of how I want to do it, but I'm not sure about the springEL syntax:

<option th:each="i : ${#numbers.sequence( 1, 100)}" th:value="#{ T(java.util.Date).getYear() - $i }">1</option>
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In case you are still looking for the correct SpEL syntax, here's what worked for me:

<option th:each="i : ${#numbers.sequence( 1, 100)}"
        th:value="${ (new org.joda.time.DateTime()).getYear() - i }"
        th:text="${ (new org.joda.time.DateTime()).getYear() - i }">1</option>


  • added th:text to set the option text.
  • used Joda-Time instead as java.util.Date wouldn't give me the desired outcome

Read this discussion on java.util.Date and getYear()

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You can use the special thymleaf iteration variable inside the each block. This special variable name is the name of your element variable concatenate with the keyword 'Stat' (ex: elt -> eltStat) This variable gives you many informations related to the iteration. You can also set this variable name by specified a name after your element variable. Example:

<tr th:each="prod,iterStat : ${prods}" th:class="${iterStat.odd}? 'odd'">
  <td th:text="${prod.name}">Onions</td>
  <td th:text="${prod.price}">2.41</td>
  <td th:text="${prod.inStock}? #{true} : #{false}">yes</td>

More information in the official documentation below:


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