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I have a view that contain two partial views. One of them for creating, and the other is list of created(companies). My problem is that, when I try create HttpPost method does not work and calls only Index method again. Please help me to fix this problem. This is my Index view

@model InvoiceModel.HelperClasses.CompanyViewModel

    ViewBag.Title = "Companies";
    Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml";

<div id="companies">
    <div id="create">@Html.Partial("CreateCompany", Model.Create)</div>
    <div id="list">@Html.Partial("CompanyTable", Model.Companies)</div>
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Do you mind posting the rest of your code? – diagonalbatman Apr 9 '13 at 14:38
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Use @Html.BeginForm() to define your Model that you are creating so when you post it is all mapped up properly.

@using (Html.BeginForm("(Action)", "(Controller)", FormMethod.Post, null))
    (Your model here)

    <input type="submit" value="Save" />

<div id="list">@Html.Partial("CompanyTable", Model.Companies)</div>
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Thank you,@kadumel. It worked well. I forgot this approach :D. – Elvin Mammadov Apr 10 '13 at 9:13

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