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I'm developing an Android app in which I have want to display a long piece of text in the notification bar.

My problem is my app in minimum API level 7. It is mandatory for client.

How can I display a long text in the notification bar? I saw documentation but big text API is available in jellybean version.

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Sorry, there is no way to change the size of notifications (to accommodate more text) prior to Jelly Bean. In the standard template (be sure to use the NotificationCompat.Builder in the support-v4 library), you have two lines to work with: contentTitle and contentText.

If that's insufficient, you could go the route of specifying a custom view, into which you could try to cram more text at a smaller size (since the overall size of the view cannot change prior to JB). This will impact legibility, though, so be careful.

I think the best course of action, though, is to move the text somewhere else. Clicking the notification could produce a dialog box that includes the full text; hopefully your client will tolerate such a solution.

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