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I have a blog page on Joomla which shows 'register to read more' link after each articles intro text.

Clicking this brings the user to a login page, with no 'register' option.

How would I change this to bring a user to the register page instead, and preferably revert the user back to the article after login? I have a login box on the register page so it allows the user to choose either login or register.

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If you're using Joomla 2.5 and you don't see a link saying something like "Don't have an account?" then you have User Registration turned off.

Go to the Users menu and select User Manager and then click on the Options icon in the toolbar. Under the Component tab set the first option Allow User Registration to Yes.

Save you changes and then click on one of the "Register to read more…" links and you should now see the extra "Don't have an account?"

If you want more than the basic Joomla! options for site access then you may want to look at the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) and the section on Site Access

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Registration is turned on. I have new users on my site on a daily basis. I've actually realised that I can't login using the form on the page, but I can from my login module on other pages. I should have noted I'm using community builder so how can I change this login page to the CB one? – Patrick Keane Apr 11 '13 at 9:43
If you're using CB that will depend on the plugins and setup you're best of asking the forums – cppl Apr 11 '13 at 11:04

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