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I can't seem to determine if the -Folder option was removed from the MvcScaffolding package for ASP.NET MVC. These two links indicate that it was used for altering the output folder for the items created by the scaffolds:

How to change project and folder where MvcScaffolding generates controllers, views and repositories

I'm using the Package Manager Console in VS2010 for an MVC3 project. When I try to alter the output folder when scaffolding, say, a repository, there is no -Folder option in the list of options that appear when I enter "-" and press Tab. The options that sound closest to what I need are:

  • TemplateFolders
  • OverrideTemplateFolders
  • PipeOutput

But I can't find good documentation on what these really do either (I tried them but couldn't actually tell what they did). Am I missing something obvious? Thanks!

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