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We can use sql-server's catalog views to generate/re-create table(s) easily. I can run queries like

select * from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES -- Get all the table names

find there column like this..

select * from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS where TABLE_NAME = 'Publishers' -- Get the cols for publisher table

I can query like this in sys.objects and/or in sys.foreign_keys to get the complete information regarding a table, all the columns, if they are nullable or not and everything else (primary key, check constraints etc.), and given that information I can recreate that table in easily, in its entirety (including constraints and everything). It may sound like a bad idea, and there maybe other ways to do this, but that not the question that is it a good practice or not. What I wanna know is, is there a catalog that contains entire information about stored procedure(s)?

Say I have a proc like this

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[proc_Author]
    -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here
    @Flag INT = 1,
    @AuthorName NVARCHAR(50) = '',
    @AuthorId int = 0,
    @Address NVARCHAR(50) = ''

    IF (@Flag = 1)
            INSERT INTO Authors VALUES (@AuthorName, @Address);


    ELSE IF (@Flag = 2)
        -- DELETES THE AUTHOR --
            DELETE FROM Authors
            Where AuthorID = @AuthorId


Is there any way for me to query the system catalog and know the structure of my Proc_Author so that I could reconstruct it? I know I can query sys.procedures, but it only shows trivial details, I also ran

select * from sys.parameters

though they do give me information about the params my procs are using, its not enough if one wants to construct proc from information. So, I am missing something? Could all the information required to construct be obtained from catalog views, if yes? Then which one(s)? If not, then after a stored proc is complied where are the statement (select, insert or whatever) are actually stored in disk? When I open my SSMS and right click and select Modify at a procedure, it opens up the proc in a new query window, so for it it open up, it must be looking from somewhere in disk/catalog views to know what is the structure of this proc? How can I obtain it?

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Try looking in here:

select * from sys.all_sql_modules

You can also get the script for a stored procedure like this:

select object_definition(object_id('[dbo].[proc_Author]'))

When using these, check your options for returning text in Management Studio:

Tools -> Options -> Query Results -> SQL Server -> Results to Text -> Maximum number of characters displayed in each column

There is a limit to the amount of text that will be returned. You might need to BCP it out to a file to view the whole thing.

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