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I get a lot of errors on CpanTesters for my module EBook::MOBI::Image (It is just some additional stuff for EBook::MOBI. Like this I keep graphics-dependencies from the main module away for those who don't need it anyways). All tests, except those for GNU/Linux fail:

Since I only have GNU/Linux and have some lack of experience in general, I ask for some help here. The test results seem to indicate, that there is a problem with the dependency of Image::Imlib2

There it says I should take care, that Image::Imlib2 is in the "Makefile.PL", but it is there as you can see:

Image::Imlib2 itself does not have this issues. Tests pass all the systems:

Can somebody give a hint here what is wrong? The code is hosted here:

Thanks a lot.

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When I try to install this module (on Cygwin) with the cpan command:

  1. cpan recognizes that I need the Image::Imlib2 module (warning: prerequisite Image::Imlib2 0 not found)

  2. cpan downloads and attempt to build Image::Imlib2

  3. build of Image::Imlib2 fails (you must install the imlib2 library before you can install Image::Imlib2 ... Make has some problems, won't install)

  4. cpan continues to build EBook::MOBI::Image (... Continuing, but chances to succeed are limited)

  5. and of course, the tests for Ebook::MOBI::Image fail

The PREREQ_PM => ... directive in Makefile.PL tell cpan to make an effort to satisfy a prerequisite, but as you see, it will continue the build even if the prerequisite fails to install. The PREREQ_PM directive is good enough for most modules on CPAN, but not for modules that need an external library that cpan can't install on its own.

I think what you want in this case is for the cpan tester to bail out if you can't load the Image::Imlib2 module, and the place to do that is early in Makefile.PL.

if (!eval "require Image::Imlib2") {
    print "This distribution requires Image::Imlib2!\n";
    exit 0;

For systems that can't or won't install Image::Imlib2, bailing out of Makefile.PL will cause the tester to report a result of N/A instead of FAIL.

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Thx a lot, I'll check this asap (first dinner :-) ) But I first need to find out how to influence a Makefile.PL with a dzil-build-process. – Boris Däppen Apr 9 '13 at 16:53
I used Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Run to modify Makefile.PL after the building by adding this to my dist.ini in the "[Run::AfterBuild]" part: "run = sed -i '5iif (!eval "require Image::Imlib2"){print " -- This distribution requires Image::Imlib2! -- ";exit 0;}' %d/Makefile.PL" – Boris Däppen Apr 9 '13 at 19:32

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