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I have been looking around and can't find an example of a CORBA server implemented as a Client as well. I understand you can have a Client Connecting to a Server to Call methods but is there a way to call methods from the client service. I was thinking of having the interface for the client as a Server as well. Any suggestions where I can find examples or an example would be really helpful.

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Yes you can do this. In fact, there is nothing special about doing this. A CORBA ORB allows an application to fill both 'client' and 'server' roles simultaneously.

There is a simple example here:

This implements a callback where the client pass an object to the server, and receives information when the server makes a call back to the client ... effectively reversing the roles in the interaction.

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Is there an example anywhere of how this can be done? – MSRahman Apr 9 '13 at 15:58

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