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I'm using Windows Phone 8 emulator for application testing.
I have a screen with Map control but that control shows me only blue background (and red dot which I use for centering the map control). I have checked both ID_CAP_MAP and ID_CAP_LOCATION. Also, I've read THIS solution and still I get that blue screen. Furthermore, I made a change to registry values like THIS POST says, but there are no changes.

I'm behind firm's proxy server and I can open web pages using emulator. Also, when I click chevron button (>>) on an emulator and click on Locations tab I can clearly see maps, but when I run my app the only thing I see on a space that should be map is that blue background screen.

Does anyone know what could cause the problem?

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Obviously, Windows Phone 8 Emulator has an issue with proxy.
As soon as I "killed" proxy the map showed on the screen, and when I returned using proxy it disappeared.

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