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I'm currently building a mobile web application with jQM, Highcharts and HTML5.

To maintain the JavaScript code, I decided to apply Revealing module pattern to the code.

Here is my code.

var MobileWebV1 = function () {

    function _buildPanelMenu(pageId, isNormalMenu) {

    function _buildHeaderBar(pageId, isNormalMenu) {

    return {
        buildPanelMenu: _buildPanelMenu,
        buildHeaderBar: _buildHeaderBar

I'm wondering if I can add another hierarchy to categorize methods in the object.

I want to add 'UserInterface' and 'Util.' In that case, I can call the method like this: MobileWebV1.UserInterface.buildPanelMenu('pageHome', false);

I tried to modify my objecy, but I'm still stuck with the current issue.

If you know the answer, then please share your knowledge.

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Show us what you have tried. Yes, you will need to modify your object. – Bergi Apr 9 '13 at 16:28
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Just nest the object literals:

return {
    Util: {
    UserInterface: {
        buildPanelMenu: _buildPanelMenu,
        buildHeaderBar: _buildHeaderBar
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Thanks, it works well! – Sungam Yang Apr 9 '13 at 16:51

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