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I'm trying to develop a video chat app on java. I found libjitsi, it uses native libraries. There are two example codes which called AVTransmit2 and AVReceive2 (if you want to look: https://jitsi.org/Projects/LibJitsi). But i can't run any of them. I think I don't know how to add native libraries. When i link the native libraries with that:

System.load("the path of the native library")

all of them seems added except one. The one which stops the running with linking error, the one which called AWTrenderer needs links for more libraries. But libjitsi gives me enough libraries for run the code i think. But i still getting linking problem at output. So where is the problem? Can anybody help me please?

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Solved. I didn't use system.load for linking the native libraries. My IDE's (eclipse) got a configuration for it. You just selecting the folder which includes native libraries.

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