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I have a sharepoint 2013 subsite called 'projects' where all its projects are subsites that were created by a site template.

I wanted to make changes to the template so I created a new 'project' subsite using the template, made the changes and saved that subsite as a new site template.

Now, when I'm trying to create new project subsites I only see the old site template but can't see the new one.

I've checked the solution gallery and they are both appearing there in active state.

Any I ideas what went wrong here?


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I found the solution: if I want to allow the use of site tamplates in subsites I need to enter their site settings and into 'Page layouts and site templates' and add the requested site template to the allowed list of site templates.

I can't believe the option was in front of me on the screen and I didn't see it...

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