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I know there are a lot of simular topics on stackoverflow to this, but I have not found one that is specific to my case. I have an iframe on my same domain, that has a button inside of it. I have access to it via jquery like this...

var mbutton = $('#myframe').contents().find('#login_button');

I have also read on several blogs that I can communicate a click event to the parent window like this...

$('#button', window.parent.document).click();

How do I combine the 2 steps, this way whenever on click (for my iframe button), the button form submits to the parent window? not the iframe window.



This would almost make sense to me....

mbutton.on("click", function() {
$(this, window.parent.document); 

...but it doesn't change the parent URL...everything is still occurring in the iframe...

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The following process worked for me in sending my iframe source to my parent window. Also, I added a setTimeOut() function just to make sure that the iframe source is fully ready before going to the parent window...

var mbutton = $('#myframe').contents().find('#mbutton');
mbutton.click(function(e) {
 setTimeout(function() {
  var mnextwindow = document.getElementById("mwindow").contentWindow.location.href; 
  window.parent.location = mnextwindow;

Hope this helps someone out

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