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I was trying to create a observer to do something when a product is created of update.

The product model is under the namespace "ecommerce", and the path is "app/models/ecommerce/product.rb"

class Ecommerce::Product
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Timestamps

  field :market_price, type: Float, default: 0.0
  field :price, type: Float
  field :stock, type: Integer, default: 999

  belongs_to :shop, :class_name => "Ecommerce::Shop"

And then I made a observers folder under app, and made a observer class for the above model. The path is "app/observers/ecommerce/product_observer.rb"

class Ecommerce::ProductObserver < Mongoid::Observer
  observe :ecommerce_product

  def after_create(ecommerce_product)
    # do something

In the application.rb, I have used a loop to load the observers to config.mongoid.observers like the code below (it's been tested, working fine here)

config.mongoid.observers = Dir["#{config.root}/app/observers/**/*.rb"].collect do |full_name|

Finally I tried to restart the rails server, and the error below came up on the terminal

in `block in constantize': uninitialized constant ProductObserver (NameError)

I was just wondering is there anything I missed for observing the namespaced model? Could anyone help? Many thanks!!!

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Your call to File.basename is stripping off the ecommerce directory. So it's just left with 'product_observer' which becomes ProductObserver without the namespace.

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Any idea with my case if I want to keep namespace? thanks in advanced. –  Ben Sep 16 '13 at 2:23

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