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I have an asp.net web service running on a web server with one of the web methods (wm) that does some processing based on a parameter (param).

I want to restrict concurrent calls to this web method only in certain cases--namely when the value of param passed by client1 is equal to param passed by client2.

I was thinking of adding some validation to the beginning of wm to check for the conditions before processing starts.

My questions are:

  1. How can I find out from within my web method, if there is another instance of the web service calling the same web method being executed.
  2. How can I get access to the parameters passed to my webmethod across various concurrent instances of the webservice while they are running.

I want to avoid database logging because in case the server goes down the log may not be updated (unless there is a good way to deal with this possibility)

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IMHO web services should be stateless and you have to avoid doing such sort of things. Otherwise from the tip of my head (not tested):

public void SomeMethod(string p)
    var cache = HttpContext.Current.Cache;
    // Be careful with the equality comparison here
    // it might not work with complex types
    if (cache["param"] == p)
        throw new Exception("Another client has called this method with same argument");
    cache["param"] = p;
        // Execute your method here
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Thank you very much Darin! –  Jack B Oct 20 '09 at 20:44

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