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I have two play JPA Objects User.java & UserRole.Java

 public User(String email, String password, String firstName, String lastName, Status status, List<UserRole> roles){
        this.email = email;
        this.password = password;
        this.firstName = firstName;
        this.lastName = lastName;
        this.status = status; 
        this.roles = roles;


public UserRole(User user,RoleType roleType, Status status) {
         this.user = user;
         this.roleType = roleType;
         this.status = status;

UserRoles are mapped to a user by

public List<UserRole> roles;

I was hoping to write a play JPQL query that would return all users with a specified role- Is this possible, and if so, how?

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Because you have designed your model like that, with two table User.java & UserRole.java), it would be little complicated to accomplish your goal.

If your User.java Model extends play.db.jpa.Model class, the solution might be like below:

// by using nested query to find all user that has admin role
List<User> userList = User.find(
    "id IN (SELECT user FROM models.UserRole WHERE roleType = ?)", 

The above expression is the same as SQL query :

SELECT * FROM "user" WHERE id IN (
    SELECT user_id FROM user_role WHERE role_type = 'ADMIN'
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