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I have the method without ARC to read plist file content:

    NSString *plistPath = [self getDataFileDestinationPath];
    NSData *plistXML = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] contentsAtPath:plistPath];
    NSString *errorDesc = nil;
    NSPropertyListFormat format;
    NSMutableDictionary *temp = (NSMutableDictionary *) [NSPropertyListSerialization propertyListFromData:plistXML mutabilityOption:NSPropertyListMutableContainersAndLeaves format:&format errorDescription:&errorDesc];
    if (!temp) {
        NSLog(@"Error reading plist: %@, format: %d", errorDesc, format);
    items = [[temp objectForKey:@"Items"] mutableCopy];
    NSLog(@"Read file!");

I have a great memory leak here! So I replace the end of the code with this line items = [[[temp objectForKey:@"Items"] mutableCopy] autorelease]; but now I have Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, addres=0x6000000008). Today is the second day I don't know what to do with this method.

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mem leak but where? plistPath, plistXML, format, temp, items...which one? – Anoop Vaidya Apr 9 '13 at 18:36
release items, not the whole objectForKey: thing – CodaFi Apr 9 '13 at 18:36
@AnoopVaidya items - this is the only one object which I have to release. But I don't understand - what's wrong with autorelease.. – ShurupuS Apr 9 '13 at 18:44
@CodaFi for me now it is rather difficult to understand where I have to release it.. It is global variable.. And I don't know exactly how to release it correctly - so I tried to add autorelease.. but crash – ShurupuS Apr 9 '13 at 18:46
try sending release in dealloc. – Anoop Vaidya Apr 9 '13 at 18:48

Try explicitly releasing items just before you reassign it:

if (items != nil) [items release];
items = [[temp objectForKey:@"Items"] mutableCopy];
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The if (items != nil) is redundant. Sending -release (or any other method) to nil is always safe. – grahamparks Apr 9 '13 at 20:29

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