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I have a string in java that looks something like:

holdingco^(218) 333-4444^scott@holdingco.com

I set a string variable equal to it:

String value = "holdingco^(218) 333-4444^scott@holdingco.com";

Then I want to split this string into it's components:

String[] components = value.split("^");

However it does not split up the string. I have tried escaping the carrot delimiter to no avail.

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String[] components = value.split("\\^");

The unescaped ^ means beginning of a string in a regex, and the unescaped $ means end. You have to use two backslashes for escaping, as the string literal "\\" represents a single backslash, and that's what regex needs.

If you tried escaping with one backslash, it didn't compile, as \^ is not a valid escape sequence in Java.

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Thanks. That worked! I cannot accept your answer however for another 10 minutes. –  Android Addict Apr 9 '13 at 18:38

try with: value.split("\\^"); this should work a bit better

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yes i missed the double slash –  Farid Apr 9 '13 at 18:36

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