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I have a document with sections that are protected and unprotected. With Word 2003 the sections that were unprotected had formatting enabled - specifically the bullets and numbering. Now with Word 2007, even though the same sections are unprotected, the bulleting and numbering is disabled. Is there anyway to enable this? I tried playing around with CommandBars but nothing has worked. e.g. Application.CommandBars("Formatting").Enabled = True

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There's an excellent chance that any code you wrote re: office 2003 is going to behave differently in 2007 as far as things like "CommandBars" goes. The rule of thumb I'm currently using is that if Office 2007 uses a different UI to handle it, then the API for the function has changes too.

I would try the Protect method, not the CommandBars object. There is a EnforceStyleLock parameter which may help.

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