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This is the community project I am currently working on (which is also open for community contributions or help):

MapDS, a Java Map Interface to the datastore.

Here are some list why I do this:

  • Provide a simple yet powerful interface to access data from the Datastore
  • To be able to persiste any kind of Object (even those that are not directly in the GAE supported types) as-is
  • To provide a middle layer for other Map-like libraries or frameworks to be migrated easily in the GAE datastore

However I would like to know some ideas from the community.

Let me explain how it works:

  1. A simple Java interface object is retrieve through Datastorecast.get("mapname") -- map names can be anything from, "user", "message" etc. This "mapname" serves as the Datastore kind
  2. The put method serialized an object as a well-formed XML (which I used XStream for this part); that is, both key and value is serialized
  3. The get method retrieves a value based on an object-key (where the key is serialized as a XML string); the serialized string is used as the ID to retrieved an Entity for a given Kind.
  4. The output from the datastore is then deserialized by XStream as object

I just want to know some ideas that could be better implemented for this purpose.

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