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I have a local fullscreen AIR app (that loads several SWFs from a server), and I'm trying to use ALT+<letter> as shortcuts.

But Windows OS intercepts the ALT key, and for example displays upper-left-corner-windows-menu when I press ALT+Space, which I want to prevent.

I found these posts, that seemed to be a solution:

But no luck. I've tried to use preventDefault() like this:

this.stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, ff);
function ff(e:KeyboardEvent):void {

But this doesn't prevent the OS from intercepting the ALT key...

Some clue about what is lacking?

/thanks /j

I'm compiling in Flash CS5.5 / Win XP / Air 2.6 There's no difference if I compile and run the Air-app, or just debug from the Flash IDE (Ctrl+Enter).

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you can't prevent that, because it is an OS function. it's like you're trying to prevent ctrl+alt+del, its not allowed. With AS3 preventDefault, you only prevent the virtual machine's events, the OS 'bubbling' continues. You wouldn't have luck with ANE as well, because you can't do this in c++ either.

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csmoakk, thank you for your answer! The real issue is not really to prevent CTRL+ALT+DEL nor ALT+space which I can live without. The trouble is that the ALTkey has some strange behavior when you press it and then release it. If you release it, then the next key isn't detected... I suppose I'll have to use some other key combination, but this one seemed to be the right one for the task... if nobody else has some opinion? –  jenciso Apr 10 '13 at 19:33
alt does not count as a regular key. its a parameter on the keyboard event. so if you press alt, no event gets fired. if you press 'h' for example, while holding alt, keycode will be 'h'-s, and altPresset will be true. Alt however can open your browsers menu, what means Flash player losing focus, so the keys hit after that will not fire events, until you click the Flash again. Defending against it can be with fullscreeninteractive mode. –  csomakk Apr 10 '13 at 21:44
csmoakk, is this still true in AIR? As i put in the question, it's a fullscreen AIR app... And in this case, ALT does trigger a KeyboardEvent, with a keycode=18. If I press ALT+A I get two keyboard events triggered: first with keycode=18, and then one with keycode=65. I can check for the A and test if event.altKey is true. That is not the problem... The issue is still that if I press and release ALT then the next key is not dispatching any event. –  jenciso Apr 11 '13 at 14:35

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