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rails 3.2.13 asset pipeline serving fonts from cache not logging?

I am using the following gem font-awesome-sass-rails and am having trouble with the font files being cached and the server not logging the request. I have recently upgraded from v2 to v3 of the gem. But rails is still serving v2 of the font files. If I remove the font files from the gem run bundler restart webrick clear the browser cache rails still serves the files. The only way I can bust the cache is if I change the font url in the sass file.

It seems font files are being cached by sprockets and cannot be cleared?

I have tried to clear the sass cache: rm -fr tmp/sass-cache

Any one have any suggestions? I am also wondering if it is normal that requests for cached assets do not show up in the server log?

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Okay this fixed it:

rake assets:clean 

I am unsure why the fonts were the only files effected by having precompiled assets. I must have had partially precompiled assets.

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Is config.assets.digest set to true? If not, make it true, that will help by forcing an update based on the new digest. –  rovermicrover Apr 9 '13 at 20:20

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