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I am really stuck with this... searched lot, but its not working (not updated in real time) Please help me...

Rule: 1). Fetch a whole customer table from database into DataSet 2). depend on sales performance i have to update customer sales point 3). on every loop i have to get the information from DataTable to compare.

But records are not getting update in datatable.

here is my code:

    Public DT_updtPromo As DataTable
    DT_agents = clsWrk.AgentList()  'this is a function which will get us Agents table

    Dim dt_eligiblepromos As New DataTable
    dt_eligiblepromos = ds.Tables("tbl1").Select("Status like 'PROMOTE'", "Wrnk DESC").CopyToDataTable

    Dim dv As DataView = New DataView(dt_eligiblepromos)
            dv.Sort = "Wrnk desc"
            For Each rowView As DataRowView In dv
                Dim row As DataRow = rowView.Row
                call UpdatePromo(row("wmc").ToString,row("wrnk"))


Private Sub UpdatePromo(ByVal vWMC As String, ByVal vWRNK As Int16)
'Update existing record in a datatable
            Dim MyRow As DataRow = DT_agents.Select("wmc = '" & vWMC & "'").FirstOrDefault
            If Not IsNothing(MyRow) Then
                MyRow("wrnk") = vWRNK + 1
                MyRow.EndEdit()               'ITS NOT UPDATING...
            End If
End Sub

Note: On every loop i am updating data table "DT_agents" and also i am reading the updated data too from the same "DT_agents" to compare with other data.

but its not getting updated when the loop checks on its second & further rounds...

Please help me.

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