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How do I get all the markers on the map so the users can see all of them?

I have got some amount of markers. I am displaying them on the map. The center LonLat I get from taking the average of the highest and the lowest numbers of the lon and lat of all my markers.

So I set my map to the center point of all my markers using:

map.setCenter(centerLonLat, 8);

8 is just a random zooming level. Is there any way to calculate the perfect zooming level so all the markers are displayed in the map?

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A similar way to do it, avoiding a loop, is given by OpenLayers getDataExtent() function here. You need to apply it on the layer containing your markers :

var newBound = map.myLayer.getDataExtent();
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You could use that as well. But since I am already looping over my markers it would be better to do it in that loop. –  Klaasvaak Apr 10 '13 at 10:02
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Got it working using zoomToExtent()

var newBound = OpenLayers.Bounds();

For each marker lonlat:


Then pass it to the function:

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should be: var newBound = new OpenLayers.Bounds(); –  Hayden Thring Dec 24 '14 at 0:31

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