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I'm having an issue with a jquery submenu. I have a horizontal menu where the submenu slidesDown on mouseover and slidesUp on mouseleave. The submenu should hide on the home page and display each of the menus only on hover. On the other pages, the menu should display onload. It's not working like that right now. Here is the code:

$('ul.menu > li:not(.has-active)').mouseover(function( ){
        var $self = $(this);
        pos_dd_nav( $self );


        if( activeElem && $self.find('ul.sub-menu').length ){
        } else if( $self.find('ul.sub-menu').length ) {
            $('.sub-header').stop(true, true).slideDown('fast');
            $self.find('ul.sub-menu').stop(true, true).slideDown('fast');
    }).mouseleave(function( e ){
        var $self = $(this);

        var left_offset = $('ul.active-subnav').closest('li').offset().left,
            li_width = $('ul.active-subnav').closest('li').width(),
            arrow_pos = left_offset + ( li_width/2 - 3 );

        if( activeElem && $self.find('ul.sub-menu').length ){
            $('.sub-header').find('span.down-arrow').css('left', arrow_pos );
        } else if( $self.find('ul.sub-menu').length ) {
            $('.sub-header').stop(true, true).slideUp('fast');
            $self.find('ul.sub-menu').stop(true, true).slideUp('fast');
        } else if ( !$(e.relatedTarget).is('li') || $(e.relatedTarget).is('li:has(.sub-menu)') ) {
            $('.sub-header').find('span.down-arrow').css('left', arrow_pos ).slideDown('fast');


            var $self = $(this);        

                pos_dd_nav( $self.closest('li') );
    var $self = $(this);
    function pos_dd_nav( $self ){
        var li_offset = $self.offset(),
            li_w = $self.width(),
            wrapper_w = $('#header .wrapper').width(),
            wrapper_offset = $('#header .wrapper').offset(),
            left_pos_list = li_offset.left - wrapper_offset.left,
            left_pos_arrow = li_offset.left + ( li_w/2 - 3 );

        $('.sub-header').find('span.down-arrow').css('left', left_pos_arrow );
            width: wrapper_w,
            left: -left_pos_list
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Can you tell us how it is working and why it is undesirable? –  Mike Hometchko Apr 9 '13 at 19:41
The submenu is displaying onload of the index page. This is undesirable because it is not to spec. The submenu should not be shown unless the user hovers over the menu item or if the menu item is active, meaning the user is currently on any page other than the index. –  dtreadwell Apr 9 '13 at 19:50

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