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I am following the tutorial regarding Creating a Cloud Connector.

When importing in MuleStudio, I am getting two errors which I don't completely understand.

Project build error: Unknown packaging: mule-module

Project build error: Unresolveable build extension: Plugin org.mule.tools.devkit:mule-devkit-maven-plugin:3.3.2 or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: Could not find artifact com.sun:tools:jar:1.6 at specified path C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6/../lib/tools.jar

I also tried importing the Mule LDAP Connector. Same error.

Any ideas to get me out of this?

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AFAIU, the stacktrace told us as

could not be resolved: Could not find artifact 
com.sun:tools:jar:1.6 at specified path 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6/../lib/tools.jar

The C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6 is a JRE. We should configure the IDE to use the JDK instead. Please note, the file named tools.jar is available at JDK_HOME/lib/tools.jar

Basically we should set the following environment variable

  1. JAVA_HOME which points to the JDK installation path, e.g. C:\java\jdk1.7.0_15.
  2. PATH which points to %JAVA_HOME%/bin.

Then when we launch any IDE, it will use the configured JDK by default. Anyhow the IDE also allow us the add more/modify JDK via its menus as well.

e.g. for Eclipse

  1. Go to Window ----> Preference
  2. Select Java ----> Installed JRE
  3. At the right panel, we can add/modify/remove any JDK.

I hope this may help.

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The check list is good, especially the JAVA_HOME Path setting. I had something forgotten there. Maven in Eclipse did not seem to bother with what is specified in Ecipse / MuleStudio. What I HATE is that I did not specify a path for Maven!!! and there is not setting to specify it!!!! (Could not find artifact com.sun:tools:jar:1.6 at specified path) –  Valentin Despa Apr 10 '13 at 16:28
I could only resolve this by setting -vm in MuleStudio.ini - See wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse.ini. Check java.home in "About MuleStudio" -> "Installation Details". A force update was also required after restarting Mule Studio –  Alastair McCormack Jan 2 '14 at 17:57

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