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I'm currently trying to include a gem for fuzzy string matching into my Rails project and am getting an error when I actually try and use it, and would love any suggestions as to where to look to track down the missing link.

In my GemFile:

gem 'fuzzy-string-match'

Which shows up in my GemFile.lock after doing a bundle install:

fuzzy-string-match (0.9.5)

But whenever I try and use it in my project, I get an error:

NameError: uninitialized constant FuzzyStringMatch

I have gotten it to work if I manually require it in my model:

require 'fuzzystringmatch'

But my understanding is that bundler should be taking care of that behind the scenes. Is there a good way to debug and see what bundler is actually doing to understand why this is missing?


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The convention that will allow you to skip the require statement will only work when the name of the gem (fuzzy-string-match) match the name of the file at the root of the lib directory (fuzzystringmatch.rb) of the gem project. That's called the gem's main file (source). In this case it does not match.

To avoid the repetition of the require statement, you might do the following:

gem 'fuzzy-string-match', :require => "fuzzystringmatch"
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That did it! Thanks for the info! :) –  nozomiyume Apr 9 '13 at 23:19

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