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There's a fiddle demonstrating my problem here http://jsfiddle.net/mjmitche/RRXnK/232/

In my Rails app which uses Backbone, I have some html set up like this

<div class="row category">

  <div class="editcategory">edit category</div>  

  <div class="span10 category">blah</div>

The css for .span10.category is by default hidden

.span10.category {

    visibility: hidden;

In a Backbone view, I set the el to

 el: '.row.category',

so that anything inside it (I assume) is within the scope of the view i.e. it can be manipulated by javascript in the view. I then put a click event on the .editcategory class

'click .editcategory': 'editCategory'

and tried to make the class that is hidden by default visible once the click event is triggered like so

editCategory: function(){
    console.log("edit Category");
     $('.span10 category').css('visiblity', 'visible');


However, it's not working (even though the console log is triggered). I also tried to set the selector like this


Because the .span10 .category class is within .row category div, I'm assuming I can change the css on it, but I'm doing it wrong somehow. I also tried fadeIn(); instead of the css method but no difference.

Can anyone explain how I can change the visibility on the click event. Thanks.

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$('.span10 category').css('visiblity', 'visible');

You spelled visibility incorrectly. You forgot the i after the b.

$('.span10 category').css('visibility', 'visible');
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