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I'm trying to populate a from with the data from the last record in my db with $.getJSON. The GET returns the JSON but I can't get the data to populate the fields. I'm a complete neewb to much of this.

$.getJSON("loadloads.php", function (data) {
    document.getElementById("LoadNumber").innerHTML = data.LoadNumber

this is the JSON returned, copied from firebug.

    "value": {
        "LoadNumber": "227303",
        "OrderDate": "2013-04-09",
        "ShipDate": "2013-04-09",
        "ShipTime": "12:00:00",
        "DeliveryDate": "2013-04-10",
        "DeliveryTime": null,
        "PurchaseOrderNumber": "0002323803",
        "CustomerId": "200540",
        "Rate": "801.08",
        "EmployeeId1": "1",
        "EmployeeId2": "1",
        "CarrierId": "201383",
        "CarrierRate": "700",
        "Tarp": "NO",
        "Status": "Dispatched",
        "Notes": "Pls check in as an All Points Inc. carrier.  V-boards reg.  Shipper tracking we need Proof of delivery faxed or called in A.S.A.P (within 24 hours)  Need printed name of person signing for load.  Must haul 48K min.",
        "LoadTypeId": "1",
        "LoadType": "Flatbed",
        "BillingNotes": "608.48 + 192.60",
        "InvoiceDate": null,
        "PayDate": null,
        "DestinationNext": null,
        "Covered": "0",
        "CompanyName": "GAF Materials Corp.",
        "CarrierName": "Daniel Zamora",
        "FN1": "Craig",
        "FN2": "Craig"

this is the input box

<label for="LoadNumber">Load Number :
    <input type="text" size="12" id="LoadNumber" Name="LoadNumber" tabindex="-1" />
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When you were writing your question, there was this handy How to Format box to the right. Well worth a read. There was also a [?] button above the text area, and a preview area underneath. The more legible the question, the better your odds are of getting a useful answer. – T.J. Crowder Apr 9 '13 at 21:38

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The JSON defines an array which has one entry, which is an object, which has one property, value, which is an object with a bunch of properties, of which LoadNumber is one. Separately, since LoadNumber is an input element, you'd use .value rather than .innerHTML.

So instead of

document.getElementById("LoadNumber").innerHTML = data.LoadNumber

It should be:

document.getElementById("LoadNumber").value = data[0].value.LoadNumber;

(The semicolon isn't absolutely necessary, but I strongly recommend not relying on the Horror of Semicolon Insertion.)

data refers to the array as a whole, so [0] gives us the first entry, then .value gives us the value property of that object, and .LoadNumber gives us the LoadNumber property of that object. More verbosely:

var firstEntry = data[0];
var valueObject = firstEntry.value;
document.getElementById("LoadNumber").value = valueObject.LoadNumber;

Of course, since you're using jQuery, you could use val instead:

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actually since LoadNumber is an input wouldn't it be more prudent to use .val()? – scrappedcola Apr 9 '13 at 21:42
@scrappedcola: Thanks, I missed that it was an input. – T.J. Crowder Apr 9 '13 at 21:44
the .val() solved it. I tried the other and it didn't work. thank you. – Craig Kuyper Apr 9 '13 at 21:51

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