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I'm trying to use VS's attach to process tool to debug add-ins I'm developing for Sql Server Reporting Services.

I am able to correctly debug it with attach to process when I copy dll's and pdb's in my project debug/bin dir to the ReportServer/bin dir. But, if I use my msbuild script and copy those dlls and pdbs to the ReportServer/bin dir I get the wrong version.

1) How do I check the current version of a dll/tell if a dll is incompatible with another version?

2) And how do I tell what dll's/versions are loaded by the ReportServer process?


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I don't know anything about Sql Server Reporting Services, but

1) you can inspect the version of a DLL with ildasm.exe

2) when you use VS 'attach to process', in the 'Modules' window it shows the version numbers of all the loaded assemblies

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