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There appear to be Assert.assertArrayEquals() methods in Junit4 for all primitives other than double, e.g.

Assert.assertArrayEquals(int[] expected, int[] actual)


Assert.assertArrayEquals(char[] expected, char[] actual)

but not

Assert.assertArrayEquals(double[] expected, double[] actual, double eps)


Assert.assertArrayEquals(double[] expected, double[] actual, double[] eps)

(the latter to account for variable ranges of doubles). Is there a fundamental reason why I should not write such a function?

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It does have such a method (in 4.7), although it is not documented on the online javadoc here. It was certainly an oversight in the javadoc/version, but it is there now.

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The method seem to have been added in JUnit 4.6, but is for some reason missing in 4.5 and previous versions. I wouldn't expect any problems upgrading to a newer JUnit version.

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According to the JUnit bug database, they are "working on it". Based on other answers, it sounds like the bug database is not completely in sync with reality.

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