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I'm attempting to get gltail set up on my local system to monitor logs remotely.

I've got all the dependencies installed, but when I go to run gltail ...

./gl_tail configfile ../config.yaml

I get this output:

Missing gem net-ssh.
  sudo gem install -y net-ssh -r

.. which I've done a number of times. Here is the output:

dev@ubuntu:~/Desktop/Fudge-gltail-e5b252d/bin$ sudo gem install net-ssh
Successfully installed net-ssh-2.0.15
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for net-ssh-2.0.15...
Installing RDoc documentation for net-ssh-2.0.15...

But when I go to run it again, I get the same missing gem net-ssh error.

dev@ubuntu:~/Desktop/Fudge-gltail-e5b252d/bin$ which ruby
dev@ubuntu:~/Desktop/Fudge-gltail-e5b252d/bin$ which gem

Why isn't net-ssh being seen as properly installed?

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This worked for me on Ubuntu 10.04:

sudo gem uninstall net-ssh
sudo gem install net-ssh -v 1.1.4
sudo apt-get install libopenssl-ruby1.8
sudo gem install net-ssh-gateway

From: https://github.com/Fudge/gltail/issues/2

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