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I haven't worked much with Javascript, but I have a rough idea of how to make an image rollover to another image. I'm trying to make an image that, when moused over, will become a transparent background to a block of text that will occupy the space the image occupied. I've seen lots of tutorials but nothing matching quite that.

Also: is there any way to format this text with css or otherwise? (Like adding padding, line breaks, etc.)

Any help or links to a site where I can figure it out would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Do you want the background image to become completely transparent or translucent? – Markasoftware Apr 9 '13 at 23:39
Translucent, I suppose. My mistake. I essentially want to lower its opacity and slap text in front of it. – Lapys Apr 9 '13 at 23:47
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This fiddle is a pure css implementation that changes the opacity of an image placed in front of the text on hover. To do this I used put the text and image containers both within a container div and set position: absolute so that they overlap. I then change the opacity of the image by using the :hover selector. Since the text is behind the image, it can't be selected. Let me know if this what your looking for, and specify what you would like differently if it isn't :)

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This works fantastically, and exactly as I needed it to. Thanks! – Lapys Apr 10 '13 at 0:35

If you want the text to stay after the mouseover, you could use javascript to toggle a class on the rollover and add some text. E.g., put an image as the background to a div with some class (e.g., class="solid-image"). When you want to change the element, just change the class (e.g., with myElement.className="translucent-image") and then you can either have text that was previously invisible or you can add text to the div (so long as it doesn't have children) by using the textContent or innerText element. E.g.:

text = "textContent" in document ? "textContent" : "innerText";
myDomElement[text] = "My text here";

And then add an event listener for the appropriate events.

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Very helpful, thanks very much! I think I'll go with the all CSS implementation mentioned above, but this answered my original question as well. Thanks again! – Lapys Apr 10 '13 at 0:36

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