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I have this code that prompts the user to install Foxit PDF reader. How can I check whether the computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed or not?

Name: "foxit"; Description: "Foxit"; Types: "games"; ExtraDiskSpaceRequired: "30000000"; Check: "not AcrobatExists"; 

If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not found, then I want to start the install for Foxit Reader.

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Welcome to StackOverflow. This question is like a write this code for me request, and SO is not a site for that. You have to show your effort and ask specific questions if you have some while doing your job. –  jachguate Apr 10 '13 at 0:13
Here's a start: function AcrobatExists: Boolean;. There are examples of functions in the examples, and the online documentation has information about checking for things being installed (although not Foxit specifically) that you can use to get you started. (There's a link to the online docs in the help file.) Once you've done that, you can edit your question to be more specific and post what you've done so far to try and solve it. Good luck. :-) –  Ken White Apr 10 '13 at 0:24
I suggest that a better alternate question would be how to detect whether there was already ANY .pdf reader installed (not just Acrobat), by checking file associations. There are more than just that one, which you should know as you're planning to install one of the alternatives yourself anyway. –  Miral Apr 11 '13 at 9:51
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Try this Acrobat Reader - Detect installed version script:



function GetAcrobatReaderVersion(): String;
  sVersion:  String;
  sVersion := '';
  RegQueryStringValue( HKLM, 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\AcroRd32.exe',
     '', sVersion );
  GetVersionNumbersString( sVersion , sVersion );
  Result := sVersion;

function NextButtonClick(CurPage: Integer): Boolean;

  // by default go to next page
  Result := true;

  if CurPage = wpWelcome then

    if Length( GetAcrobatReaderVersion() ) = 0 then
      MsgBox( 'There is not installed Acrobat reader',  mbInformation, MB_OK );
      Result := false;
      MsgBox( 'Acrobat reader installed is version ' + GetAcrobatReaderVersion() ,
           mbInformation, MB_OK );



You can take GetAcrobatReaderVersion() and make a check function, for example:

function AcrobatExists(): Boolean;
    result := Length( GetAcrobatReaderVersion() ) <> 0;
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It might be better to make a Check function (even OP asked for it). But except this will be better to follow Miral's note, that it's better to check if the *.pdf file extension has registered application in Shell rather than just check for Acrobat Reader (even if OP has the Check function name like that). –  TLama Apr 14 '13 at 13:31
To your update, wouldn't be enough to have Result := RegQueryStringValue(...); in the check function (just check if the registry key value exists) ? –  TLama Apr 14 '13 at 13:42
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