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I have a perl script running as root, and from within it I want to execute a system command bar as a lesser priveleged user foo. So I have my system call wrapped as follows:

sub dosys
        system(@_) == 0
                or die "system @_ failed: $?";

And so I want to say:

as user foo dosys("bar")

Is there a mechanism within perl or the underlying bash shell that I can use to do this? (I would prefer one that didn't require installing an additional cpan library if possible)

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The POSIX module is a Perl core module, and it includes the functions:

  • setuid()
  • setgid()

and related get*id() functions, though the values are also available through special variables:

  • $) and $( (effective and real GID)
  • $< and $> (effective and real UID)

You can also try setting those directly (per $EGID and $UID).

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Just remember to comment your code if you're using those variables :) Por favor. – Joe Frambach Apr 10 '13 at 0:27
@JoeFrambach or he can use English. – jordanm Apr 10 '13 at 0:48
@jordanm You should use use English '-no_match_vars'; if you are going to use English. – Brad Gilbert Apr 11 '13 at 4:52
system('su www-data -c whoami')
> www-data
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You have to change groups first, remember to quash supplementary groups, and then change user. You'll want to do this in a separate process, so that the [UG]ID changing doesn't affect privs on your root process.

sub su_system {
  my $acct = shift;
  my $gid = getgrnam $acct; # XXX error checking!
  my $uid = getpwnam $acct;

  if (fork) {               # XXX error checking!
    return $? >> 8;

  # -- child
  $( = $) = "$gid $gid";    # No supp. groups; see perlvar $)
  $< = $> = $uid;

  exec @_;  # XXX not as safe as exec {prog} @argv
            #     oh, and what if $acct had [ug]id zero?  darn

Proceed with caution.

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