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My application jar contains classes from swing-layout.jar which contains free layout manager for java 1.5. During obfuscation process i get a lot of warnings such as

[proguard] Note: org.jdesktop.layout.SwingLayoutStyle accesses a field 'INDE
NT' dynamically                                                             
 [proguard]       Maybe this is program field 'org.jdesktop.layout.LayoutStyl
e { int INDENT; }'   

I would like proguard to leave org.jdesktop classes alone, and get rid of the warnings i tried

      -keeppackagenames org.jdesktop.*

but it did not work?

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You want, I think,

-keep org.jdesktop.**

Note the two stars. From the documentation:

*   matches any part of a name not containing the package separator or directory separator.
**  matches any part of a name, possibly containing any number of package separators or directory separators.

-keeppackagenames just keeps... package names! You want -keep, which protects the names of things in packages.

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i noticed that after asking the question but ** produces the same error messages. –  Hamza Yerlikaya Oct 20 '09 at 0:42
Oh... You want -keep, not -keeppackagenames. I've edited to reflect this. –  Jonathan Feinberg Oct 20 '09 at 12:43

old question, but

-keep org.jdesktop.**

did not work here with proguard 4.6 - need to add:

-keep class org.jdesktop.**

just in case someone stumbles over this question just as I did.

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