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Given a 2D array, a[m][n] where m,n > 0, how do I access specific portions of that array (as I would in Matlab or Python, for example):


I realize that the slice() command works for one dimensional arrays but I can't get it to do what I want with higher dimensions.

Is this (easily) possible within Javascript?

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Check this: stackoverflow.com/questions/966225/… –  bksi Apr 10 '13 at 2:12
@bksi Thanks, but I know how to make an array. –  sdasdadas Apr 10 '13 at 2:16

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a.slice(2,3).map(function(m) {return m.slice(3);});

Assumes relatively up-to-date browser and/or shim.

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Thank you! I'll give it a try here. –  sdasdadas Apr 10 '13 at 2:18

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