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This should be stupidly simple to answer, but for the life of me I cannot find a definitive answer on this.

Can you use "?" in postgres, like you can in other database engines?

For example:

SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE MyField = ?

I know I can use the $n syntax for this, for example from psql this works:

PREPARE bar(int) AS INSERT INTO dummy (value) VALUES ($1);
EXECUTE bar(10);

But if I try to prepare a statement using "?", eg.

PREPARE bar(int) AS INSERT INTO dummy (value) VALUES (?);

I get:

ERROR: syntax error at or near ")" LINE 1: PREPARE bar(int) AS INSERT INTO dummy (value) VALUES (?);

...and yet, in various places I read that "postgres supports the ? syntax".

What's going on here? Does postgres support using ? instead of $1, $2, etc. If so, how do you use it?

Specifically, this is making my life a pain porting a bunch of existing sql server queries to postgres, and if I can avoid having to rewrite all the where conditions an all of the sql statements that would be very, very nice.

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SQL-level PREPARE in PostgreSQL does not support the ? placeholder, it uses the $1 ... $n style.

Most client libraries support the standard placeholders used by that language in parameterized queries, eg PgJDBC uses ? placeholders.

If you're sending your queries via a client library like nPgSQL, psqlODBC, PgJDBC, psycopg2, etc then you should be able to use the usual placeholders for that language and client.

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