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From [MongoDb's official documentation about updating] (, I read:

The following operation queries the bios collection for the first document where the _id field equals 6 and the awards array contains a subdocument element with the by field equal to ACM. If found, the update() method updates the by field in the first matching subdocument:

   { _id: 6, '': 'ACM'  } ,
   { $set: { 'awards.$.by': 'Association for Computing Machinery' } }

What if I need another nesting level here? That is, what if rather than having:

{ _id: 6, awards: [ { by: 'ACM', prize: 1000}, { by: 'ACS', prize: 2000} ] }

I had something like

{ _id: 6, companies: [ { name: 'yyy', awards: [ { by: 'ACM', prize: 1000}, { by: 'ACS', prize: 2000 } ] } ] }

And I wanted to update the one where id is 6, is 'yyy', and companies.$.awards.$.by is 'ACM'? Is this even possible in MongoDB?


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I am afraid to say that YOU can NOT do it!topic/mongodb-user/… . There is even open JIRA ticket . You have to change the schema design until mongoDB team come up with the solution

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Jesus. Change the design of this basically means redesigning everything. The inability to update a nested field is a limitation that makes MongoDB as useful as any other relational DB. I am speechless! –  Merc Apr 10 '13 at 12:41
(I think the first link you provided was broken) –  Merc Apr 10 '13 at 12:42

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