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i am getting the following error while running "make" command.

cd /home/bismillah/Desktop/omnetpp-4.1/out/gcc-release/src/utils && /home/bismillah/Desktop/omnetpp-4.1/src/utils/install-prog opp_lcg32_seedtool /home/bismillah/Desktop/omnetpp-4.1/bin /bin/sh: /home/bismillah/Desktop/omnetpp-4.1/src/utils/install-prog: Permission denied make[1]: * [all] Error 126 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/bismillah/Desktop/omnetpp-4.1/src/utils' make: * [utils] Error 2

The configure command worked properly,, kindly help;

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The mentioned install-prog script should have an executable flag set on linux.

i.e. use

$ chmod +x install-prog

on it, but usually that should be set automatically once you extract the archive using $ tar xvfz omnetdistro-vertsion.tgz

Probably you have extracted the Widnows version with unzip. I would try a reainsall and following closely the INSTALL guide.

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