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I am attempting to get the following expression into the tick marks of my ggplot2: x \to y where \to is the usual latex arrow symbol. what is the right way to do this? expression(x%to%y) does not seem to be working.

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plot(1, type='n')
text(1,1, expression(x %->%y))

enter image description here

The various arrows are described in ?plotmath

x %<->% y      # x double-arrow y
x %->% y       # x right-arrow y
x %<-% y       # x left-arrow y
x %up% y       # x up-arrow y
x %down% y     # x down-arrow y
x %<=>% y      # x is equivalent to y
x %=>% y       # x implies y
x %<=% y       # y implies x
x %dblup% y    # x double-up-arrow y
x %dbldown% y  #     x double-down-arrow y

If you want real LaTex, then you could attempt to get tikzDevice working for your version of R

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