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How to stop all actions in game after some time?

in below code i am calling runaction on a sprite.

id actionMove = [CCMoveTo actionWithDuration:actualDuration*2.5 position:ccp(winSize.width + (target.contentSize.width/2), actualY)];
id actionMoveDone = [CCCallFuncN actionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(spriteMoveFinished:)];
id sequece = [CCSequence actions:delayTime1, calFun1, delayTime2, calFun2,actionMove, actionMoveDone, nil];
id repeate = [CCRepeatForever actionWithAction:sequece];

[target runAction:repeate];

In this code a sprite is continuously moving. how to stop the above action after some time or after some condition ?

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In runAction call Function and stop action for sprite.

[CCCallFuncN actionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(setInvisible:)];

- (void)setInvisiblestone:(CCNode *)node

[target stopAllActions];

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runaction is call periodacllay after every 1 sec.. and even target is not a single object. its more thans once. runaction is called from -(void)addTraget:(ccTime)dt{ } and addTraget is called as [self schedule:@selector(addTraget:) interval:1.5]; so how to stop this action? which is scheduled – KsK Apr 10 '13 at 9:11
you may use this-code...[self unschedule:@selector(addTraget:)] or [self schedule:@selector(addTraget:) interval:1.5 repeat:NO delay:NO]; – Nims Apr 10 '13 at 9:24

All action stop in method.


      [self unscheduleAllSelectors];

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Please use 4 spaces in front of the code to format it as code. – Bhargav Rao Jan 8 at 14:10
you are right and thanks for u... – P.J.Radadiya Jan 9 at 4:54

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