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I have a fulltext index on a number of columns and i'm trying to do a MATCH AGAINST IN BOOLEAN MODE on those columns, trying to find an email address. Here are the results:

  • if i search for "test@email.com" (with quotes) - the query returns correct results
  • if i search for "a@b.com" (with quotes) - the query does not return anything

Can someone tell me why a short email a@b.com does not get returned and how would i solve this?

Here's the query i'm using:

SELECT MATCH(email, phone, title, description) AGAINST('"a@b.com"' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AS score 
FROM thetable WHERE MATCH(email, phone, title, description) 
AGAINST('"a@b.com"' IN BOOLEAN MODE) ORDER BY `status` DESC, score DESC
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a)You need to set ft_min_word_len = 1 in my.cnf.

b) Output of show variables

ft_min_word_len                                   | 1 

c) Fired below query:

mysql> SELECT name,email FROM jos_users WHERE MATCH (email) AGAINST ('a@b.com') limit 1;
 | name   | email   |
 | kap | a@b.com |
 1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Hope this will help.


I think you need to change ft_min_word_len

As specified in mysql doc fine tunning

The minimum and maximum lengths of words to be indexed are defined by the ft_min_word_len and ft_max_word_len system variables. (See Section 5.1.4, “Server System Variables”.) The default minimum value is four characters; the default maximum is version dependent. If you change either value, you must rebuild your FULLTEXT indexes. For example, if you want three-character words to be searchable, you can set the ft_min_word_len variable by putting the following lines in an option file:

[mysqld] ft_min_word_len=3 Then restart the server and rebuild your FULLTEXT indexes. Note particularly the remarks regarding myisamchk in the instructions following this list.

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Thanks for your answer. I suspected as much. And indeed my min length is set to 3. And if i search for "abc@b.com" - it works. But then what i don't understand is: a) abc@b.com is 9 chars long and is searched in quotes as a phrase, so why does this setting have any effect at all? b) if indeed min word length has effect - then the word "b" is only one character, how come that works? –  Marius Apr 10 '13 at 8:07
any luck, seems to work with test data ?? –  metalfight - user868766 Apr 14 '13 at 10:15
It does work, thank you. I just have trouble understanding what mysql considers a "word". –  Marius Apr 15 '13 at 18:59

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