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Sometimes IB simply doesn't allow you to add a view as a subview to a UIViewController as illustrated here enter image description here

If I drag a UIViewController from the object library and try to embed it within Mailbox View Controller.. it doesn't highlight, however it would work fine if I try to add it to the generic View Controller at the bottom (can the fact that Mailbox View Controller have a Customer Class MailboxViewController have anything to do with it?)

I'm pretty sure I can do this programmatically (which is what I'll try next) but I was wondering if there was a reason for this (and if there was a way around it).

update: this is what i'm trying to accomplish: I was following the steps here to implement a segmented view controller below search bar like in the iphone mail app.. however I kept on getting an error saying that a view can only belong to one view controller at a time.. So what I'm trying to do is basically create a separate viewcontroller, reference it from MailboxViewController as an outlet, make the containing view of my search area the view of this new view controller (this is where i'm getting stuck) and finally make the searchContentsController property of UISearchDisplayController refer to the view of this new view controller. (if this sounds confusing, which I know it does, please refer to this answer)

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From your screenshot, the view property of your mailbox view controller is a table view.

A table view in interface builder won't support the dropping of arbitrary views onto it as subviews - where would it put them at runtime? In IB the table has no content, it just has that visual representation of cells to let you know what it is.

You haven't said what you are trying to set up so I can't offer any additional help. Adding a subview programmatically to a table view probably won't give you the effect you're after either - a table view is a UIScrollView subclass, so your new view will either move off screen or get covered up by the table view adding cells.

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I just updated my question with what I want to accomplish –  abbood Apr 10 '13 at 6:40
Oh i think I get it now.. basically my MailBoxViewController is a subclass of UITableViewController.. so I should just make it a subclass of a generic UIViewController and do the rest of the work from there.. thanks! –  abbood Apr 10 '13 at 6:47

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